You have saved up, you are building a huge extension perhaps, having a total renovation done of a property or maybe even major restoration work. So where do you find a reputable builder you can trust? We have come up with some top tips to help you make the search a little easier.

There are plenty of listings sites and directories, but bear in mind anyone can register with them and it may give you some reviews to read but there’s no real guarantee of the quality of work and whether they are reputable. 

So, ask around, word of mouth counts for a lot. Perhaps ask your friends on social media to recommend someone local. Also, search Google for local construction companies that do the work you are wanting. Instagram and Facebook are well used and can be used to search for local firms. Local or regional forums can be a good source of information and feedback about companies.

Once you have a few names, the due diligence starts. How do you know they are reputable and of the quality you want?

Check their website out: does it have a portfolio of work? A reputable builder has testimonials from from clients, do there’s sound professionally written, free of spelling and grammar mistakes? What is their ethos, do they offer anything extra like a warranty or project management?

Check Companies House, listings can be found online for free and you can get an idea for how big the company is and how long they have been in business. Are they registered for VAT? 

When you search for the company name, have they got Google reviews, reviews on other sites, see if what has been written about them is positive or negative. Any decent firm will have a presence online and should have social media accounts like our regularly updated instagram page you can look at such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. This can give you a really good impression of the company and how they speak to clients, you may also see examples of their work.

Then when you actually approach companies that you short list, ask what the process is. Is there a clear step by step procedure from initial meeting, to quote through to the work starting and its completion? For example, at KT5 Construction we take you through this process and the first meeting is very detailed, ensuring we get all the information we need to provide a full itemised and informative quote. This breaks down the costs for the work plus VAT and the payment plan for when each stage is payable. We believe in honest, fair pricing and are totally transparent in the way we work. Any business that doesn’t seem to have a clear method should be avoided.

Then ensure you get a range of quotes, don’t just go for the first one and don’t just go for the cheapest. We do live in an online world but make sure you meet in person and they view the property and talk through the build, so the quote is as accurate as possible. Spending this extra time at the start of a project to carefully collect quotes and speak to companies will save you time in the long run, and unnecessary costs.

There are some great building firms out there, just take your time and research thoroughly before making a decision. Take into account more than just cost, include aspects such as warranty, experience, ethos, methods and most of all quality.  

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