KT5 Construction FAQ

What size projects do you work on?
We have the management and skill set to work on projects from £10k to £12 Million, however for the larger projects over £1 Million it is always negotiated tender process.
Is my project too small for KT5?
Absolutely not, we have a small works division and handyman service that can do anything from put in a lightbulb or replace all the doors in your house.
Can KT5 help with the planning application?
Yes we can help with your planning application, we have a team that will draw and apply for your planning application, we charge for the planning application if you don’t decide to go ahead with KT5.
Do KT5 offer a free, no obligation quotation?
Yes all our quotes are free of charge, and valid for three months.
Can you start my project quickly?
Yes we can mobilize quickly for new projects, but sometimes we advise works be carried out at certain times of the year because of weather, we discuss timings during the tender process with our clients.
How are payments worked out?
At the time of agreeing to work together we require a 10% to 15% deposit, and both parties agree a payment schedule with dates or stages so that you can budget during the build.
Do you KT5 charge extra once a price is agreed?
We pride ourselves on taking time during the quotation process of detailing what it is we are supplying and making sure both parties understand what we are building for them. However if there are changes that you require there will be an agreed hourly rate in the order for changes plus a small % charge for materials, we will not carry out any extra works without informing you first of the cost and will only go ahead on your approval.
Do KT5 offer a warranty?
All our projects carry a 12 month warranty period, a service we believe a lot of our competitors do not offer.
Do you offer project management?
Yes KT5 offer a full project management service, which means we can assist you on all aspects of your build process, making sure that you have a professional looking out for your interest during the project.
KT5 has over 25 year’s experience
The management team at KT5 have been in construction over 25 years building everything from small one off starter homes to large scale health care centers and residential sites with over 250 plots on.
What’s KT5 USP?

USP – Unique Selling Proposition – Ours is simple we believe there is a gap in the market for a professional customer focused builder, one that realises that if you treat customers with honesty and transparency they will respect that and in turn it becomes more of a partnership.

Can I use my friend who does some building to do some work?
If you have a friend who has one of the trades needed during the build process and you feel you want to use them that is no issue for KT5, the only problem that may occur is if they cannot meet our install dates / program

Why KT5 Construction?


We Work With You

KT5 works with you on your project, large or small, making sure that we deliver your new project to the high standard you can expect to receive.


25 years’ Experience

You can relax knowing that your project is being managed by a knowledgeable, experienced team.


Quality Focused

Quality and design with our customers in mind. We pride ourselves on using the most modern building techniques and the skilled people.


Completed Projects

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