There’s a new trend on the rise. We’re not talking about the latest 2020 must-have fashion item or social media craze. Working from home has grown in popularity. To freelancers and the self-employed, this is nothing new, but now even those in full-time employment are taking the opportunity to work from the comfort of their own living room seriously, and moving their office to the garden. Welcome Garden Office Space!

It’s very easy to get distracted at home. It’s too tempting to switch on that TV, or start on household chores as you despair over the kitchen table that is now overflowing with the latest financial reports. It’s tough to be at your best in that environment. Yes, the flexibility of your work-life increases tenfold but so does the capacity for distraction, particularly if your house is a busy one.

Enter the garden office.

We hear your argument that you can turn the spare room into an office, we understand and if it works for you, go for it. However, having the separation between your house and work-life can be a blessing providing you with a host of benefits that will help.

If you know you’re prone to distraction, setting up a space that is away from the house means you are less likely to be tempted to turn on that TV or answer that non-important phone call. Your garden office can be exactly that, an environment for you to do your best work that is tailored to you and your needs and has the benefit of a very short commute! A stroll from your back door to your garden office will allow you to start your day fresh and stress-free, not only that but the money you will be saving will definitely add up.

The primary benefit is that of flexibility whilst still having a dedicated work environment. No more confusion between your work life and home life, there can truly be a distinct work-life balance.

When you work from home it can be hard to switch out of work mode mentally, or even switch into work mode. Having a separate, dedicated space to work provides a psychological separation meaning you can change into work mode upon entry and switch off from work when you leave the “office” for the night. Quite literally closing the door on the day’s work

One of the downsides to a home office can be the issue of meetings. Sure, we now have all the trappings of a digital world meaning we can Skype or Zoom to do video meetings, but often the best work is done face to face. Meeting clients is always a big part of this, as you want to come across as the professional you are, however, a meeting at the kitchen table is not always the best option for a good first impression.

Coming across as professional can be important for securing business, which for some types of work could well rule out meeting at your house. If you have an office space, that problem is immediately solved. Not only can you make your office speak volumes about yourself and your business, but you can have a meeting space you can be proud to take clients to without the hassle of sitting in a busy house. You could always use local cafes or coffee shops to meet clients but what looks better to a potential client?

What’s more, the vast majority of garden offices don’t require planning permission. It is also a business expense and can be tax deductible in many circumstances but do consult your accountant about this. So, not only is having a garden office beneficial to your lifestyle but when it comes to moving on and selling up, having extras in your home such as a garden office can increase your property value by up 7%. The investment of buying an outdoor building can be a potential financial source by the time you look to settle elsewhere, so it’s definitely something you should consider. 

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