At KT5 believe in training our team, but what are the benefits to staff training?

Do you think employers should pay for training courses and developing staff? We do. We have a new starter here at KT5, a great asset to the team. 

One of the first things we have actioned is to arrange for him to go on a day release 5-day training course about quantity surveying. We feel this paid training during working time will benefit us as a company as we will gain the skills he learns but also improve our new worker. We are strong believers in investing in people. More information on Apprenticeships can be found at

So, what are the main reasons for paying for staff to train in work time?

  • Increased efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain 

It makes sense that if you train your employees they will become more efficient. They can work smarter not harder and so they are happier, and you are going to reap the rewards in your profit margins hopefully.

  • Increased job satisfaction and morale among employees

It is well known that happy workers are productive workers and the better team morale is the better the work performances will be. The atmosphere in the office or workplace will be improved and people are more likely to help each other and pull together as a team when they are happy at work.

  • Increased employee motivation

Those times you need them to work through lunch or stay late they are far more likely to be compliant if they feel you have invested in their future and that you care about their present and future careers.

  • Increased capacity to adopt new technologies and methods

Keeping staff up-to-date with the latest technology or best practice will have a great effect on business overall and they will also be more inclined to accept changes that come in if you get a new system etc. If you haven’t bothered training staff regularly the new methods may be hard to introduce.

  • Reduced employee turnover

When you put time and money into your staff they are more likely to stick around. Obviously there is no guarantee, but investing in staff training and development will help install loyalty in the workforce. People will want to stay if they feel they will be developed and valued as members of staff.

  • Enhanced company image 

The overall view of your company will be better if employees are fully trained and compliant in various areas, for example ethics or health and safety. However, this is merely an advantage of training and should not be the motivation for doing so. 

  • Risk management, e.g., training about sexual harassment, diversity training and team building

Everyone wants to avoid the problems in the workplace of people overstepping the mark and causing issues that might lead to tribunals etc. A good way to make a positive step in avoiding this where possible is regular, coherent training on subjects such as sexual harassment and diversity, as well as positive training that encourages the team to talk and skill share. 

At KT5 we like to invest in our staff in order to achieve the high standards our customers expect. We are a forward thinking, people investing building contractor, bringing you innovative design and best practice construction. If you need an extension, renovation or new build then please give us a call to talk through the options on 0845 053 7224 or drop us an email at