The Pitfalls of Planning Permission 

When arranging a big renovation, build or restoration you need to consider one very important aspect before you get started, planning permission. Even if you have a huge budget and all the time in the world that won’t matter if you don’t get the correct planning permission in place. It can be a minefield if you don’t know what you are doing. That is when help is needed.

Some building projects don’t actually need planning permission, and this is known as ‘permitted development rights’.

 Constructions that usually have permitted development rights include:

  • industrial premises and warehouses – with some limits and conditions
  • some outdoor signs and advertisements – special rules apply
  • demolition – local planning authority approval is required before you begin.

Other projects might not need planning permission, e.g. projects that will have no impact on the environment or your neighbours, but your Local Planning Authority has the final say on this.

There are some clues that can help you get started, if your neighbours or anyone down your road has had similar work done, ask them if they needed planning permission. Also, if they have this work in place it is a good indicator that yours will get approved. After all, if a house is next to one with a double storey extension it is unlikely you will get turned down if you want to build the same, this is not fool proof though as other factors can come into play.

There is even a planning exemption is some circumstances, that avoids the standard planning permission process. If your building project benefits the local community, and the local community is supportive of it then the Neighbourhood Planning and Community Right to Build lets your community grant planning permission directly (in certain circumstances).

There is a wealth of information at but it is complex and difficult to understand in places. This is why you need expert advice.

Find a construction firm that can offer you help with planning, they are the experts after all, and should be well experienced in a range of different builds and what is required.

At KT5 Construction we have over 25 years’ experience in construction and have a specialist team to help with planning applications. That isn’t the only good news, we will offer the planning advice for free!

If you decide to go ahead and contract KT5 to work with you on building your project that we have secured planning on, we will refund the cost of the plans drawn by us.

Our drawing services include:

– Permitted Development Drawings

– Extension Drawings

– Loft Conversions Drawings

– New Build Drawings

– Structural Drawings

Our experienced planning team will navigate and pre-empt all possible hurdles before applying for planning permission to expedite the process. We specialise in extensions, new build house and loft conversions and always endeavour to secure the best probable outcome for our clients.

When done by experts planning permission can often be straightforward, but failing to get it right can be costly and may even mean you can’t build at all, so make sure you get some skilled advice and help when you need it.


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