KT5 Construction A New Breed of Builder

We all seem to know a bad builder story, the tale of some cowboy who ripped off your mum’s friend’s next-door neighbour and the mess and upset they caused. You can’t trust anyone these days.…but wait. It doesn’t have to be like that.

There are some building firms who are bucking the trend and are making costs and communication transparent and who are stepping up to be the new breed of builder. People who you can trust and who will tell you when there’s a problem and what they are going to do about it.

Communication and experience

Communication is one of the biggest stumbling blocks in construction. Building projects seldom run 100% to plan, however good the workers are, but it is how you deal with any setbacks that make a true difference. Well-experienced builders are worth their weight in gold here as they will know what to do and how to solve any problems that occur. If the weather is bad and work has to be delayed then you want to be told, if the plaster falls off when they remove the wallpaper, so it requires re-plastering, you want a new time frame for the work. This should not be beyond expectation; this should be standard practice.

Transparent costs and billing

When you get your quote at the start it should be itemised and easy to decipher. VAT (when applicable) should be separate and the individual charges for materials and work should be plain to see. This transparency is what builds the trust with your builder that it is a fair and reasonable quote and that it will not be changing. Obviously, there will be times when extra work will be needed but this should then be discussed and agreed before it begins, and the charges should be explained. There should also be a clear payment plan in place, so everyone knows when instalments are due. Payments should not be expected in cash, offering a discount for cash or worse still knocking VAT off for cash payments is not only a big red flag but when it comes to not charging VAT if the company is registered, it is illegal (please read our blog on VAT for more details on this subject https://www.kt5construction.com/builder-charging-vat/)

Clear plans and high-quality work

The initial plans and ideas should be thoroughly discussed and agreed by professionals who are aware of what is needed for each type of building project. You should be able to be clear with them about what you expect from the finished project and then they should be clear with you about the timescale involved and draw up professional plans and a schedule for the contractors to follow. You should be able to trust that it will be high quality work and according to what you agreed at the beginning.

Online presence and references

There should be a website in place that looks professional, has client testimonials and examples of their work. You should be able to track them down on Companies House and Google and be able to do due diligence on their background and feedback received. If there is no footprint online this is cause for concern as it is expected and needed in this day and age to operate some of your business online and to have a shopfront such as a website or social media pages. Here you can read about the company’s ethos and observe their level customer care if they interact with customers on social media.


At KT5 Construction we are strong believers in transparency, communication and high-quality work. We offer a one-year warranty on all work, we project manage your build and ensure you are kept up-to-date with any changes, we provide fully itemised billing and payment schedules and always have an in-depth meeting with you to begin so both parties know what is expected and needed. If you want to work with a new breed of builder, look no further.


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