Island Kitchens – The Latest Trend in Kitchens

There are trends that come and go in Kitchens, we can certainly look back at some of the interior designs trends with a wry smile when we think of 70s wallpaper, but the latest trend has established itself well and looks set to stay.

Island kitchens are so on trend you are hard pushed to watch a TV show without one. It seems to be the most sought-after addition to a kitchen and nearly everyone having a major renovation has an island added if there is space. They are on a lot of people’s wish lists when buying a new property, something to bear in mind if you are renovating or building property in order to sell it.

There are some major uses for it, and we have outlined the mains one here.

Open plan living divider – It works very well in joint open kitchen and dining/living spaces. The chef of the house can be cooking away while guests sit in the dining area sipping wine or aloft a breakfast bar stool on the other side of the island. This island helps define the kitchen and living areas as separate whilst still allowing the flow of the open plan style to continue throughout the space.

Extra space – It is an additional space for food preparation and if you love to cook you will relish the extra room and storage an island gives you. It is possible to create a design that eases the way you prepare and cook food by having everything you need within easy reach, making the experience more efficient and enjoyable. Having the cooker, sink and fridge all within easy reach rather than all in a row, can revolutionise the way your kitchen works. The storage underneath can be utilised in a way that suits you and there are many options.

Focal point – It can become a focal point of the house, as it doubles as an informal dining area for breakfast or coffee, not forgetting the visual impact it can have depending on the materials and shape or size you choose. Using a bold colour or style can draw the eye to the island, it can be traditional or modern looking, the choice is yours. It may turn into the social focus for the family, where the children can snack or do homework after school while you prepare dinner or where you read the paper every Sunday while your partner brews the coffee.

Multi-use – You can have a sink in your island or use it purely a food preparation surface. It can have electrical connections, so a kettle or toaster may be plugged in here to enable breakfast to be prepared and eaten in the same space. You may even choose to have your hob here and the underneath can be used as storage for pans or anything else you wish. As a dining area it makes an excellent breakfast bar with high stools or even as a bar area to serve drinks when you are entertaining.

So, with all these options and uses you can see why kitchen islands are such a yearned for addition to the home. If you think an island is for you and you are planning to renovate a property, build a new house or extend the one you are in, then please get in touch to discuss your needs. At KT5 Construction we have extensive knowledge and experience with a range of builds and can help you from planning all the way through to completion.

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