It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were all obsessed with the shows that did house makeovers or taught you about buying a ‘renovation project’ and doing it up for yourself. Sarah Beeny with Property Ladder or one of her many other shows or even 60-minute makeover and DIY SOS, and who remembers Changing Rooms? Some of these programmes are still around, but has the era of doing it all yourself come to an end?

In general, the country seems to have moved towards quality time with your family being more important now than spending every weekend wallpapering or ripping down walls. 

But what do you need to consider when you are weighing up getting in help to do up a house or renovate a property, and can you still make a profit?

Choosing the right renovation is key, and your reasons for it. If it is your forever home then the profitability isn’t so important. The practicality of how it affects you day to day, and what improvements to your lifestyle it will make are the most important considerations. If you are planning on growing old in the property a spiral staircase may not be the way to go! Or if you plan to have children, a water feature in the garden or open plan mezzanine level isn’t the best idea, you’ll only have to adapt it later on.

Think about the time it will take. If you are buying a property to do it up yourself you need to think about how you will get it all done and how long it will take, as the longer it takes the less your profit will be because you will be paying a mortgage and other outgoings on it for the duration of the time it takes. So, using contractors to come in may make it more efficient, however coordinating all of that can be a full time job in itself, are you willing to put the number of hours in to keep on top of the work being done.

If you are doing work on the property you live in then you need to consider the significant disruption there will be whilst it is happening. Having a bathroom or kitchen done can be particularly stressful, especially if you have children. 

If you plan to sell the property in the future will it add value? Are you using neutral sellable colours that will appeal to the market or stamping your personality on your home as you plan to live there for some time? Are the renovations of a good quality if it is a property you will sell, the quality of the finish will determine the price point you can sell at. If you perhaps plan to rent it out then you may not wish to spend so much on a perfect finish as tenants will add wear and tear.

Time, budget, knowledge and planning are all needed, and it can be a lot to think about. Which is why more and more people want the work done for them so that they can spend their weekends doing family activities, that’s where having a renovation project managed one stop shop company like KT5 Construction can be the ultimate solution. You can hand over all the planning, architectural drawings and project management as well as the construction and relax in the knowledge that the job will be completed to a high standard within the agreed budget and timescale.

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