Fixed price quotes are a must have.

When you are looking for a builder or construction firm you will need to do some due diligence and check references, credentials and talk to them about what you need but, of course, price plays a big part.

As we have discussed in another blog, price should not be your only deciding factor when making big decisions about an extension or building/renovation work. However, everyone has a budget limit of some kind and clearly value for money is high on most people’s agendas. So, what should you expect from the quotes you get?

Firstly, we would recommend getting at least three. You may have a good recommendation, you may get a great first quote, but don’t just jump feet first into the first deal. Getting three quotes is not only helpful to get an idea of pricing but also what service you will get. Do they have a project manager? Is there a warranty? Do they help with planning applications? Can you contact them easily? All important questions.

Secondly, the quotes should include the cost for VAT (if the company pays it, firms with a turnover of more than 85k would pay VAT). This should be shown as a separate value so you can see the price with or without it. The quote should also be itemized, so you see the pricing for materials and labour separately. The more detailed it is the better. Overall, it should be clear what the quote is for and how much each element of the work will cost.

Lastly and certainly not least, it is preferable to have a fixed price quote. Check this! Ask and get it in writing that it is fixed price. Unless you make changes yourself (e.g. change the flooring type etc.) there’s no reason why a quote should change. Builders should not be charging more when things happen, as they need to foresee issues and take that into account. Some unscrupulous tradespeople have been known to manufacture issues just so they can increase the price. This should never happen. There should be significant time spent at the start, prior to the quote, so that the price is accurate, and the plans are in place and materials chosen etc.

Be wary of anyone offering to quote a large project without spending time at the property or discussing the work with you in detail. The time a firm spends with you before you have paid a penny indicates how much they value you, and shows the kind of service you are likely to receive throughout. If they are tricky to get hold of before you have even signed up, imagine what they will be like once you have paid! Also, never pay the total upfront, no reputable firm would expect this, paying in instalments throughout the length of the project is best practice.

At KT5 we believe we spend more time than most working with potential clients to ensure we are giving our clients what they want from their new project at an agreed price, nobody likes to pay more than has been agreed, so as a company we will take extra time and care to be as detailed in our quotes as we can, when we agree a price for the works, unless a customer decides to change anything, you pay the price quoted, even if we have made a mistake!

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