Bi-Fold Doors – Why Are They So Popular?

The last few years have seen a new trend for bi-fold doors, but what are they?

They are usually placed where the doors are between your living area and the outside. Where patio doors would traditionally have been you can place bi-fold doors, that when they open fold all the way back on each side and allow the outside to become part of your living space.

They can also be used to open out onto a balcony, if you have one, allowing this area to become part of the room when the doors are folded back. It is also possible to utilise them as separators between areas of your house, so perhaps dividing the living and kitchen areas, and then when opened up it becomes an open plan space again. This versatility is a welcome addition to any home, and it is a stylish way to have multipurpose rooms.

Bi-fold doors used to be a premium add-on due to their luxury nature but now prices have decreased they have started to become a standard expectation in new build houses and many people have them put in when they have an extension built.

If you aren’t sure whether to add bi-fold doors to your shopping list for your next project or home, let us talk you through their benefits. Why are they so popular?

They look good – They are both stylish and functional and add a sense of luxury to a room. The way they glide open and close with minimal effort is very satisfying and they come in a range of colours. External facing doors are of course glazed but internal ones have the option of being glass or solid, depending on whether you want to be able to segregate the rooms completely when you have them fully extended.

Improve the view – If you have a beautiful garden or outside area or perhaps have views upstairs overlooking the countryside or a cityscape, the manner in which the doors fold out of the way prevents any view being obscured. Even when they are closed the panoramic aspect of a view can be seen far better than with just ordinary windows or patio doors.

Bring the outside inside – Not only will you be able to see the outside and enjoy the views, you can smell and hear nature whilst still sitting inside when the doors are open. This can be useful if it is too sunny to sit outside or raining even. The balmy air and fragrance of a summer evening can be enjoyed from the comfort of your sofa! It also creates a large space for entertaining.

Safer – As the doors fold out of the way they are safer than traditional patio doors that remain partly covering an entrance. Children often don’t see patio doors and can collide with them when trying to go in or out. With bi-fold doors there is nothing to bang into when they are open.

Flexibility – Not only do you have the option to open them fully and create a new space, you can also have them closed and use only one part as a normal door, so during the winter months you don’t get cold when accessing the garden. They are environmentally friendly and keep the heat in efficiently when they are closed, thus saving energy and heating costs. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

So, when you are considering which doors to have in an extension or renovation, or planning a new build perhaps, speak to us at KT5 Construction for advice and we can recommend the perfect style of door for your needs and help you plan your new space.



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